Friday, March 9, 2012

Hello New Friends!

After almost a year of "secretly" following many blogs I am ready to go public!

To begin, let me share a little about myself. I have been married for 23 lovely years and we have two beautiful daughters (20 & 18) whom we are very proud of plus one lively Airedale Terrier. I always say I wish I had lived in the "colonial times" which causes my husband to chuckle. He's right...I only want to live in my romanticized version of those times; the version with modern conveniences! But I love the history, architecture, furniture, and furnishings from that period. Slowly we are remodeling and redecorating our home to a more colonial/primitive style and we're having fun doing it!!

 I began reading needlework blogs to get ideas of what everyone was stitching. These days I'm stitching reproduction samplers almost exclusively. (Although I still have a couple of Told in a Garden projects that I need to finish and this year I hope to stitch Christmas ornaments ... we'll see!) When I first began stitching, I would work on one project at a time until it was completed ... reading blogs changed that! Y'all are a bad influence! I want to stitch everything I see!  I now have multiple WIPs and need to start getting projects completed so I have something to decorate my home with!

That said ... I started a new sampler in January ... Shakespeare's Peddler "Ann Dale 1827: Big and Beautiful" ... as a SAL with Paula at Attic Needlework. I was able to stitch a little extra this month in anticipation of limited stitching time in the next few months. Here's my progress so far.

Shakespeare's Peddler "Ann Dale 1827: Big and Beautiful"
Lakeside Linen 40ct. Vintage Pear
Needlepoint Silks, Gloriana Silks, Belle Soie Silks by Crescent Colours

So I'm sure as time goes on we'll get to know one another a little better. Until next time .... enjoy your day!


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Lanie and thanks for the lovely comment you left when you dropped by my blog.

    Ann Dale is such a beautiful piece and yours is looking lovely! I'm looking forward to following your progress on this one.

  2. Hello Lanie, so glad you are joining the fun! I'm new to this too, but it looks as though we share many interests.

    Ann Dale is looking wonderful!