Monday, June 11, 2012

The good and the not so good ...

Well, it's the morning after dance recital weekend! What am I going to do all day?!

The recital was wonderful. Our studio does a great job preparing all the dancers, from the "babies" to the "big girls", for their performances and they were all thoroughly enjoyable! This year's recital theme was "Broadway" so there were many fun numbers from the old time shows to the newer ones.

Thursday night the older girls were doing a final run through at the studio and while Kelly was dancing her Swan Lake solo, she rolled off pointe and sprained her left ankle. I know! ... can you believe it! She said it didn't hurt right away (probably from adrenalin), but by the time she came home there was no denying the injury.

Ice, ibuprofen, and wrapping her ankle for support helped a little, but at Friday's dress rehearsal her ankle just would not support her turns on pointe. She knew she couldn't be 100% for the performances. Needless to say she was devastated. Tears flowed, frustration set in but as they say ... the show had to go on. Kelly picked her spots ... she danced on pointe when she could and otherwise did her turns on demi pointe.

So, OK, I'm her mom and obviously watch her dance with my heart, but ... her performances were beautiful! The majority of the audience wasn't even aware whether she was on pointe or demi pointe. Everyone is just there to be entertained! Those that knew of her injury told her that by her performance they would have never known she wasn't 100%. Kelly's teachers were so proud of how she handled herself. They all told her she was an inspiration to them and the other dancers! See ... this is why we love our dance studio!

So the "not so good" turned out to be ... not perfect ... but pretty darn good!

Here's a picture of my girls after the final performance (a little tired, but happy!) ... Kelly still has her stage make-up on! ... Jill assisted the dancers and helped backstage and would have jumped on stage to dance too if she thought she could get away with it! Being back at recital for the first time as part of the "alumni" was emotional for her!

This week back to stitching I go ... "Ann Dale" and "Frederick" are calling my name!

Thank you for visiting and for all your very kind comments!


  1. Oh gosh, your poor swan! I'm so glad everything worked out in the end. Sounds like she's quite the trooper and very talented to boot. Congratulations to her on her fine performance and to the parents as well!

  2. Oh, what bad timing for Kelly to get hurt. It sounds like she handled it like a pro and the show went just fine. I'm sure you were so proud of her, Lanie :) Both of your daughters are lovely!!

  3. Sprains are so painful! What a determined and courageous young woman you have. The dance may not have been perfect in requirements, but she was perfect in handling a tough situation which is more important. Kudos to her! And you.

  4. Oh what a shame, that must have been very painful for her. Hope it's starting to feel better.
    The dance recital sounds lovely and the Black Swan outfit is stunning!

  5. What a lovely picture of your two girls! I'm sorry to hear that Kelly had the mishap. I can well imagine how upset she was but I'm so glad that she was still able to perform. Hope her ankle is feeling a bit better now.