Friday, August 31, 2012

It sure is quiet around here ...

Hi everyone! Whew ... I feel like I'm finally resurfacing after a very busy few weeks!

We just got back from taking the girls to college. Last year Kelly was accepted to and decided to attend the same university that Jill attends ... that makes move-in/move-out and parents' weekend visits easier for us. They're happy to be together and I think it will be good for both of them. The only little flat side to this lovely situation is that they are 600 miles from home! I'm already counting down the weeks (eight!) until they are home for Fall break ... is that bad?! As we were leaving, I think I was clutching on them just a little too hard ... they both were kinda gasping for air! I know, I know ... too much!

Anyway, they are both excited to get their year started. Jill is beginning her junior year studying meteorology and Kelly is beginning her freshman year in nursing. Classes started Monday ... so far so good! And with cell phones, text messages, e-mail, skype ... it's easy to stay in touch just about every day. But our home sure is quiet without our sweet girls!

Not much stitching being done, although I did pull CHS's "Frederick" from my WIP basket to take on the road with me. Didn't get too much stitching done in between move-in's, but since we've been back home I've decided to just keep stitching on him until he is finished ... I'm too close to take the chance of having him get lost in the WIP basket again! And besides, I haven't had a finish in a good while ... I need to see something completed!

Here's how "Frederick" is looking ...

Just the border to finish, and then "Frederick" and his "Frederika" will be together again.

Summer seems to be winding down. I'm always sad to see her go! The older I get, the less I look forward to old man Winter blowing in! But before all that, I'm hoping we have a glorious Fall. Western Pennsylvania can indeed put on a lovely Autumn show!

Hope everyone is well. May God protect those in the path of Hurricane Issac and his aftermath.


  1. Aww, that's so great that your girls are together at college. I went to the same college as my sister. It's a nice thing, I tell you. lol! Love your Frederick. the colors -- ah, wonderful!

  2. Frederick is looking quite dapper.

  3. Good luck to both your girls! Frederick looks wonderful, such great colors! I'm with you and winter settiing in. . Blech!

  4. Such beautiful colors. That's the only thing I like about the fall season.

  5. How nice that both of your daughters are at the same school, Lanie. It must give you some peace of mind knowing they are there for each other. The silence in your home will be sad for a while, but you'll get used to it eventually. I have come to love my empty nest now that all three boys are grown and gone, but I so look forward to their visits, too.

    Frederick is gorgeous (well handsome!)... and I agree about the winter--the older we get the harder it is to take. I still don't think I want to be one of those old people who heads south all winter though. Maybe just a couple of months each winter when we retire :)

  6. Lanie, I'm certain that once you get used to the girls being together but out of the house, you and your husband will relish the new found freedom. You've earned it!

    Can't wait to see Frederick all done and paired up with his mate.

  7. Lovely stitches! Good luck to both of your girls!

  8. Good luck to your girls!

    Frederick is such a handsome bird, you're stitching on him is beautiful! I really need to get moving on in, take it out of the stash and get started, LOL!


  9. Good luck to both of your girls. Frederick is so nice - the colors are wonderful on him! I'm sad to see summer end too, although I do love the Fall. It's winter that I could completely do without!!!