Friday, January 31, 2014

Hello! ... what's new?

Hi everyone ... Happy Friday!

Dare I ask ... how is everyone in the Midwestern, Southern,  and Eastern parts of the US holding up? Arrrggghhh this winter weather!!   Will it be Spring soon?!!!  It has been so bad that I'm even tired of complaining about it!
And how about Super Bowl fever? ... do you have any of that?  I'm really just a so-so fan of football, but the Super Bowl is always fun. I especially look forward to all the commercials produced for the game. Always my favorite ... the Budweiser ads ... and this year's does not disappoint. Have you seen the preview yet? I've seen previews on a few of the morning shows and my girls found it on YouTube. Definitely puts a smile on your face! Well done, Budweiser! :)
I have been doing a lot of stitching ... one good thing about this weather! And as I sat to write this blog post, I realized I have not introduced you to my latest project. Her name is 'Sarah Harvey', she is another sampler from The Scarlet Letter.

When I first started with her, I fussed a little about her color palette and tried to brighten her up a bit, but after several attempts realized the colors as charted really were what suited her best ... even if a few were not on my 'favorites' list. And after spending some time with her, I have grown fond of her quirky charm!
The stitching is pretty much straight cross stitch over two with the exception of the large alphabet that I am now stitching ... that section is stitched with eyelets over 4.

The other area that is different and uses a technique I am not familiar with is the very bottom section. I have just a wee bit started.
This entire section is first stitched in cross stitch over 2 and then the details are outlined with stem stitch. Can you see the detail in the photo? ... I have the top cluster of leaves completed. It creates a subtle effect ... although it does give the areas a little dimension and softens the edges slightly.
I like it ... I'm just not 100% sure I am executing the technique properly. So if you have some experience with this technique, I'd love to hear any of your secrets/helpful hints.
That's pretty much all that is new with me ... just stitchin' stitchin' stitchin'! Hope you all are well! Have a wonderful weekend!
Until next time ...
God Bless,
Lanie   xxoo


  1. Lovely progress on Sarah! It looks like you've gotten a lot stitched! Sorry I can't help you with stem stitch as I've never done that before. Stay warm!

  2. You are killing me with Sarah Harvey. I just love her, and I'd thought I could pass her up. lol! I don't care about football at all, so no Superbowl fever here. But I can't wait for spring.

  3. I see perfection! And I need to look up that chart. Gorgeous!!!

  4. Wonderful progress, Lanie! Hope the Super Bowl ads are fun this year--that is all I really watch for except if the Steelers are playing :) We find ourselves switching to the Puppy Bowl quite often for pure cuteness!!

  5. Sarah is gorgeous Lanie! Your stitching is lovely.

  6. I love Sarah! Looks to me like you're doing just fine with the different stitches. Can't wait to see more progress pics of this beauty!

  7. I just love seeing your progress here. Your stitching is really beautiful and Sarah is really gorgeous. I am so going to enjoy stitching Mary Bailey with you this year too. I must say you sure do have good taste in pretty samplers! :)