Monday, December 2, 2013

An Ending and A New Beginning ...

Hello all ... happy Monday!

Well that post title is a little dramatic isn't it?! ... but I do have a finished project and a new project to share with you.

I finished MARION ROBERTSON 1834 a few weeks ago and have sent her off to
Jill Rensel's Studio for framing ...
Scarlet Letter's Marion Robertson 1834
Fabric: 40 count 'Sandstone' linen from Scarlet Letter
Fibers: AVAS silks
Miss Marion was delightful to stitch and I can't wait to see what framing magic Jill and Amber come up with for her!

My new project is another Scarlet Letter sampler ... MARIA IGNACIA OLIVERA

She is a Mexican sampler originally stitched c.1850. The motifs used are mostly European but the bright color palette is greatly influenced by the Chinese silks and finished goods from the Orient that were widely traded commodities in New Spain.
With her lovely colors and a few 'new-to-me' stitches, I think she is going to be great fun to stitch!
So December is the month of busy, busy, busy ... but I do hope we all find a few moments to relax with our stitching.
Until next time ...
God Bless!
Lanie   xxoo


  1. Hi Lanie, Marion is just beautiful. I have had so much fun watching your progress. It will be fun to see her framed :) Maria is going to be lovely as well. The colors in her are absolutely stunning. She will be another fun sampler to watch you " create " Happy Stitching .

  2. I can't wait to see what frame Jill and you pick for this beauty. My gosh, I love it! Wow wow wow! Congratulations! I love your new start too -- gorgeous!

  3. What a sweet piece Miss Marion is and Maria is a riot of colors! You've made some very good choices.

  4. Stunning finish!! I can only imagine what magic they will work with framing ~ can't wait to see it! Love the new start too ~ great colors!

  5. Beautiful finish and a great start--just bright colors

  6. Gorgeous finish and a wonderful new start! Such colors!

  7. Marion Robertson is a gorgeous finish, and I love your new project! I can't wait to see the progression!