Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Finally ... Finally ... Finally!

SARAH HARVEY 1737 is now complete! She took a little longer than anticipated, but here she is ... ready for her closeup!
Scarlet Letter's 'SARAH HARVEY 1737' (an adaptation of the reproduction)
Fabric: 40 count 'Lambswool' Linen from the Scarlet Letter
Fibers: AVAS silks

Not really sure what was going on with our relationship, but we were continuously plagued by little, silly, and frustrating moments. Nothing serious ... the relationship was never in jeopardy of ending ... but I can say I am very happy to have made it through to the end ... Whew!  She's now on her way to the very talented hands of Jill Rensel and company for framing ... can't wait to see what magic they work up for her!
Moving on, I'm going to try and work on two projects simultaneously ... never been successful at that before ... but I'm going to give it a good try. I've already started a bit on Scarlet Letter's MARY BAILEY 1818 (I'll share the progress in my next post), and have just ordered the silks for Scarlet Letter's THE HUNTSMAN. Don't know yet if I'll put them on a schedule or just stitch what is calling to me.
Here in western Pennsylvania USA we had delightful Spring weather this past weekend with lots of sunshine and temps in the high 70's ... things are a changing' today ... winds with cold rain/wet snow are quickly bringing Spring to a halt! ... we might even reach a record low tonight! ... arrrrgghh ... I'm afraid my sweet daffodils and the blossoms on my magnolia tree will be shriveled brown buds by morning ... arrrrgghhh and arrrggghhh! And to top it off ... complainin' ain't going to change a thing!
So that's about all for now. As always, thank you for stopping by for a visit ... I love hearing from you!
Until next time ...
God Bless,
Lanie   xxoo


  1. Beautiful finish!! Funny how so many of these samplers don't catch the eye when looking at Marsha's site but then become 'must have's' when we see them stitched!! Good luck with your rotation!! I have just recently been able to make it work for me and it sure keeps the stitching interesting!! Laura

  2. Beautiful finish!! Love everything about this one. There are so many amazing SL samplers it is hard to choose sometimes!

  3. Wow looking so beautiful
    Well done dear
    Huge hugs x

  4. Lanie, another jaw dropping finish! I'm completely charmed by your bright birds. Isn't if funny how different a piece looks once yoj've seen it actually stitched up? Love this one, and probably wouldn't have considered it without your beautiful work.

  5. What a gorgeous finish! I so need to get this one! Did you use the called for colors? You must have. Gorgeous! I love Mary Bailey -- and the Huntsman. Can't wait to watch your progress! Again, I want to stitch both of those. lol!

  6. Congratulations on a beautiful finish! She is lovely!

  7. My kind of sampler. Your work on her is perfection! Yes it's very cold tonight. I thought I was done herding cats!

  8. Gorgeous finish! I love those birds!

  9. Wow--what a masterpiece, Lanie! Glad you persevered with her--the end result was worth any struggles :)

    Yes, this weather is just plain strange... At least it looks sunny for Easter weekend. Wishing you and your family a wonderful time together!