Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Today is her 100th Birthday ...

Today my grandmother would have turned 100 ...

She loved playing cards and taught all of her grandchildren how to play various games; whenever she was visiting there was always a card game in progress ... she loved coffee and would drink it all day long, adding more coffee and milk to the same cup she had started first thing in the morning ... she also loved Tanqueray gin and tonics with a twist of lime  ...  and Pirate baseball; she would listen to the games on a small transistor radio that crackled with static ... she loved Christmas and died on Christmas day 22 years ago ... 'Silent Night' was her favorite Christmas song and every year when I hear that song I feel surrounded by her love ... she loved God and taught us about His goodness and the importance of  having faith in Him by how she lived her life ... most of all she loved her family and was so proud of each of us.

She was still living when our oldest daughter, Jill was born ... her 5th great-grandchild ... but died before we were blessed with Kelly, our younger daughter. However, one day when Kelly was about 3 or 4 years old, out of the blue she proclaimed that she had met "GG" in heaven. "GG picked me out of all the babies in heaven and asked God to send me to you and daddy" she told me. Tears just fell from my eyes ... to Kelly that story was the absolute truth ... I love the sentiment of that story and see so much of my grandmother in both of our girls.

I have so many sweet memories of my Gram ... I loved spending time with her and to this day I still feel her presence. She passed the love of needwork on to me and taught me to cross stitch. No one else in the family stitches and so stitching is the little piece of my Gram that I claim for myself.

I started stitching Scarlet Letter's MARY BAILEY  the beginning of this month. I love the big, red family house; I love the angels; I love the flower motifs; I know I will love stitching her. Miss Mary will be stitched to honor my Gram's 100th birthday.

Thank you, Gram, for the sweet memories  but most importantly, thank you for the unconditional love you gave to all of us ... Happy 100th  Birthday! ... I love you!

Scarlet Letter's 'MARY BAILEY'  (my adaptation from the reproduction)
Fabric: 40 count 'Lambswool' Linen from The Scarlet Letter
Fibers: AVAS silks


  1. Great post Lanie -- love all your memories...and your daughter's story is just the Best!! Mary Bailey is a great sampler (yet another SL chart I "need" to order). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great post ...
    i love all your memories...yup and your daughter's story is just so sweet..
    Mary Bailey is a great sampler... Thanks for sharing..i love it so much xxx
    hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Oh Lanie I just absolutely loved your post! The memories that you shared are priceless. After my Grandmother passed away my daughter Emily who was 5 at the time asked if I was sad. I explained how much I missed her and she told me not to be sad because Grandma Maidy was up in Heaven making ( her version of crocheting :) ) blankies for all the little angels. I still think of that statement often and it brings a smile every Grandmother taught me the love of needlework as well and I too am the only in the family that stitches. Mary Bailey is a wonderful sampler to dedicate to your Grandmother...I just know she would be pleased and so very proud of you!

  4. What beautiful memories of your Grandmother, and how nice that you are stitching this sampler in dedication to her. It will be one to treasure.

  5. Such sweet memories of your grandmother. Mary Bailey is perfect for honoring her memory. Hugs.

  6. Lanie, you're giving me chills! I do believe children enter the world with a deep if intangible connection to those who cleared the path for them. Do you have a picture of your grandmother you can share?

    Mary Bailey will be a wonderful tribute to her.

  7. A sweet tribute and remembrance--this is exactly how I feel about my Grandmother.

  8. Your sampler is going to be beautiful - it already is! I love hearing how close you were to your grandmother and love your DD's story of how she was picked just for you!

  9. This post is a blessing to all who read it- time to pause and remember Grandmothers we loved and miss so much. Thank you for sharing this

  10. What a lovely post. It sounds like your Gram was an amazing woman.
    Lovely stitching!

  11. Your grandmother sounds like a true treasure, Lanie--what wonderful memories. And how sweet Kelly's words are...

    Your newest WIP is so pretty--a lovely way to honor your grandma indeed!

  12. What a wonderful post and memories about your grandmother, Lanie! Your sampler will be a lovely way to honor her memory!