Saturday, July 20, 2013

My new BFF .....

.... is Scarlet Letter's "Marion Robertson 1834".  Here is a photo of her that I borrowed from the Scarlet Letter website.

And even though she is missing two of the elements ... an alphabet and a verse ... that usually draws me to a particular sampler, she does have a big stone house with a red door and many of the typical motifs that I love. She also is the perfect size for a spot in my family room ... I have been looking for the perfect sampler for this spot for a long time, and Miss Marion fits pretty much all the requirements! So that is how she came to be my new best friend!

Not too much progress ...

Marion is very different than "Sarah Stuart" that I just finished. Sarah's colors and motifs seemed very feminine to me. So far Marion has big bold motifs stitched in dark reds and greens ... a very strong young lady!

Hope everyone is surviving the heat wave the United States is having ... sounds like England is having one as well. Here in Pennsylvania we just finished a week of temperatures in the 90's with high humidity ... I love it but I know there are many who suffer through this type of weather. One of the local meteorologist described it as "Harlequin Romance" weather ... hot and steamy!  Remember those books? Are they even still published? My grandmother always read them and then would pass on to me those she deemed were not too racy for a teenage girl!

Anyway ... That's about it for now. Hope you all are enjoying some stitching time. Thank you for stopping by ... I love to hear from you.

God Bless,
Lanie xxoo


  1. Another pretty sampler! I do remember the Harlequin Romance books. :) And I think they are still published.

  2. Ooooh, I love Marion Robertson! I'd love to stitch her sometime too!

  3. Oh how Pretty your sampler is already looking! Beautiful! love Annette

  4. Really lovely new start, Lanie!! And I love the description of our weather... For me, the older I get, the more the humidity affects me. I've had a tough time of it this week and am so glad the weather pattern has broken.

    Yep, Harlequin romances are still popular--you should see how well they circulate at my library :)

  5. Love this start ~ looking forward to watching you bring her to life! Yes, the heat and humidity here in PA has been horrible ~ really makes me look forward to fall!!

  6. Marian is a beautiful choice.
    So fun when you have a spot all picked out!