Tuesday, August 6, 2013

An Update ... a Homecoming ... and Baseball!

Hello my stitching friends!

Let's start with the non-stitching item first ... baseball ... specifically Pittsburgh Pirate baseball. I'm going to brag on my hometown Pirates for a minute because they are in first place in their division and have the best record in all of baseball! There is a lot of excitement in my house over this! To put this in perspective,  the Pirates have had a losing season for the past 20 years ... 20 years! ... my girls don't know what it's like to cheer for a team that has a winning record. But every year "cheer" we do and this is finally the year that it is paying off. As I mentioned ... very exciting!

Moving on before I lose all of you who don't give a dilly about baseball ;) ....
Here is an update of Marion Robertson, my new start for Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year. She actually is the perfect sampler to stitch  during these busy summer months; not too big, no complicated speciality stitches that take lots of concentration, no free hand stitching to be anxious about :) ... so even with limited stitching time, to my surprise I'm making some progress.
She has big, bold motifs with lots of reds and greens. Up next is the big stone house with the bright red door ... should be fun!
And now the homecoming ... yesterday Miss Sarah Stuart arrived home from her stay with the lovely and oh-so-talented Jill Rensel. And I must say Jill has done it again!
I never know how to go about choosing the correct frame ... in fact, I'm bad at it! So I let Jill tell me what to do. The moulding she chose for Miss Sarah is not anything like what I imagine I would choose if I did it myself ... but, I absolutely love it!
Here's a little closer look at the detail in the moulding ...
I am so pleased with the results! Thank you, Jill, for making my Sarah beautiful!
Well, that's about it ... thanks for stopping by for a visit. I'm off to stitch a bit while I watch my Pirates hopefully tally another win! ... Oh the life I have!
Enjoy these remaining weeks of summer.
God Bless,
Lanie   xxoo


  1. Good luck to the Pirates! :D Love your Sarah Stuart all framed up! Love your Marion Robertson too. Gorgeous!

  2. Sarah Stuart is so pretty and the frame is just beautiful! Lovely colors in Marion Robertson! Way to go Pirates!! :)

  3. WOW Sarah Stuart is Magnificent in her new frame. Gorgeous, YEP Jill did real good:))) But you stitched Sarah and the focus is on her - prefect. Marion Robertson sure has some incredible beautiful colors.
    love Annette

  4. Finally, finally--the Pirates dry spell has come to an end! It is so exciting to see their re-birth, isn't it, Lanie?

    Lovely stitching and your framed Sarah is stunning--I'll bet you can't take your eyes off her :)

  5. Lovely stitching on your new start -- I may have to check that one out:)

    Stunning framing from Jill -- it just compliments the piece perfectly.

  6. Wow ~ your framed piece is stunning!! Great wip too!

  7. Good luck to your Pirates! Easy for me to say since they're in a different league from our beloved Tigers! Absolutely love your Sarah Stuart and the frame Jill selected looks wonderful! Marion is looking fantastic!

  8. Woohoo Pirates! Wishing them the best.
    Lovely stitching progress and that frame is absolutely perfect. I know that this must be the centerpiece of one of your walls now.

  9. Love your framed Sarah! The moulding is gorgeous and Jill did a great job choosing one for Sarah! Marion is looking great!

  10. Lanie, it looks like you have another great start in progress. And Sarah is just out of this world beautiful !! I love the frame, isn't Jill great at framing?