Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm not ready to say "Goodbye" ...

I know many of you look forward to Fall and the beginning of cooler temperatures ... I'm not with you on that ... Summertime is my time of the year! Here in the United States, the Labor Day weekend is the "unofficial" end to summer and I don't like to see that holiday weekend show up on my calendar. Sure we'll have some more warm, maybe even hot, days before the chilly weather really settles in, but you can already see signs of Fall pushing Summer out of the way ... and once again I'm not ready to say goodbye.

I did use the holiday weekend as an "excuse" to indulge in one of our favorite easy and casual summertime suppers ... BLT sandwiches and corn on the cob with tomatoes and corn from the little farm stand a few miles down the road from us. Not exactly diet friendly, but who cares?! ... it's the end of summer ... so there was no skimping on the bacon, or the mayo, or the melted butter for the corn! ... it was all delicious!

Not too much stitching progress since my last post, but I suppose every little bit is progress.  I'm working exclusively on Marion Robertson 1834 for the Scarlet Letter Year.  As you can see, I've been jumping around here and there, so there isn't any area that is "finished" yet.

I wanted to get the house outlined before we left to take our girls back to college. I figured all the fill in on the house stones and the grassy area would be an easy stitch while traveling... it's a 11 hour trip but I can't stitch for long periods in the car so I didn't get as much done as I thought I would.

Well, friends, that's about all for now ... reluctantly I'll start saying my goodbyes to summer and then look forward to spending more time with my stitching once the cooler weather moves us indoors.

Until next time ....

God Bless,
Lanie   xo


  1. It is bittersweet; but I do love Autumn. Hope your final summer days are splendid. Beautiful stitching. That is a major under taking.

  2. I'm with you -- I don't want summer to end. Don't want college to start again, do you? Sigh. Ah well, time marches on. I love your Marion!!! Sooooo gorgeous! I so want to stitch this sometime! Beautiful! Well, we'll all be taking our kids back to college, huh? lol! Safe travels!

  3. I feel the same. September is a fall month, and I can't believe how fast this summer has gone by.

  4. Beautiful progress and very sweet stitching..
    Oh well it is spring time already here..short winter time.
    Hugs x

  5. Gorgeous progress on Marion. We had corn and blts too, such a perfect summer meal. I am looking forward to fall, soup, butternut squash and pumpkin :)

  6. What a lovely WIP Marion is. Here the nights are starting to draw in and there's definitely a feel of autumn around the corner. I do love the colours of autumn but don't like the thought of winter following on!

  7. I'm with you - not ready to say goodbye to summer yet. And your summertime supper includes some of my favorites too. :) Marion is a beautiful sampler and you've accomplished some lovely stitching!

  8. Marion is coming along beautifully! I know what you mean about stitching in the car - it never, ever goes as fast as I think it should.