Thursday, October 10, 2013

No longer wishing my life away ...

Remember when we were young and couldn't wait for the next big event in our life ... our birthday, Christmas morning, graduating and getting our first job? My grandmother always said "stop wishing your life away, enjoy what you have today".

Gram was very wise. We hurry, hurry through life and before we know it we are in our 40's, in our 50's, ... our children grow up and start making a life of their own.

Not sure why I'm feeling melancholy about this today. But at times I find myself  hoping I did enjoy all the "todays" along the way. As I get older, I want to put the brakes on a little and hope the future "todays" come around at a bit slower pace. And I sure hope I didn't spend too much time wishing my life away!

So I have slowed things down a little (although I still don't know where September got off too!)and have indulged in quite a bit of stitching time. As a result I'm making pretty good progress on MARION ROBERTSON which I am stitching as part of Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year.

Scarlet Letter's "MARION ROBERTSON 1834"
40 ct. Sandstone linen from Scarlet Letter
AVAS as charted
Miss Marion has been fun to stitch, but my "Must Stitch" list is growing, and I hope to get her finished soon so I can move on to the next adventure ... we'll see how it goes!

Hope you all are enjoying some stitching time as well. I love browsing the blogs every week to see what everyone is working on!

Until next time ...

God Bless,
Lanie   xx


  1. Aww such a sweet post :)
    Your stitching is so so pretty ❤️❤️
    My must stitch list is getting so long too :)
    Happy stitches
    Hugs x

  2. Really beautiful, Lanie! I agree, it all goes by too fast and we do need to slow down!

  3. Great stitching Lanie! I know exactly how you feel minus the husband and the kids. Time is flying so fast and it's hard to keep up and do all the things you want to do. Good you're getting that stitching time in! :)

  4. ACK!!!! OMG! That is stop in your tracks gorgeous! I love it! I know what you're saying about time and all. So true!

  5. I also know exactly what you are saying. My life seems to be flying past at a great speed of knots. It only seems as it last Christmas was just here and the next one is fast approaching.

    I have always loved this sampler and have it in my collection. Hopefully one day I will get to do it.

  6. The older I get, the faster time flies. Can't believe we're into the middle of October! That sampler is fabulous. Beautiful colors, lots of stitches!

  7. Your progress is fantastic, Lanie! You will be on to the next adventure before you know it. I think all of our Must Stitch lists are growing!

  8. Oh Lanie, how lovely.... your stitching is so perfect
    and the colors in this so beautiful!